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Pocket Rocket

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Name: Pocket Rocket
Sizes: 60 to 76
Specs: 70s style single fin. Down rail, beak nose , retro resin colors by Master Glasser Larry Yepes. Soul Style.

Retro Glide

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Name: Retro Glide
Sizes: 60 to 70
Specs: Morning of the Earth style eggs. Fast and fun. Soul arch around sections. True Ames L-Flex  fin will slingshot you to different parts of the wave than a contemporary board. Soft 50/50 rail forward blending to down rail in the tail. What a different surfing experience it is to ride one of these eggs. Round tail or diamond tail.

60s Noserider

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Name: 60s noserider
Sizes: 96 and up
Specs: Heavy, thick and beautiful. 50/50 rails, heavy step deck, ashtray tail. Comes with tailblock, 3/4 inch cedar stringer, wooden glass-on fin, 8 oz. cloth with volan tint and classic weight foam.

We make many other retro style boards. If you don’t see what you are looking for, please ask Ted.