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Performance Nose

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Name: Performance Noserider
Sizes: 8’4” to 10’0+
Specs: Great everyday longboard. Wider parallel nose outline for stable smooth noserides and aggressive rocker for radical surfing off the tail. Modern rails, nose concave, rolled bottom to double barrell concave/vee combo. Squash, pintail, square, swallow or diamond. 2+1 Fin set-up, tri-fin or quad.

Proven and tested by Tellus Fix in extreme North Shore conditions.

Classic Nose

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Name: Classic Noserider
Sizes: 8’6” to 10’0”+
Specs: Less rocker means trim speed. Classic outline, Concave nose, rolled bottom to vee, modern rails. 2+1 fin set up or single fin .Squash, pintail, diamond , square

Ultimate Nose

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Name: Ultimate Noserider
Sizes: 9’0” to 10’0”+
Specs :I consider this the Diamond of my longboard shapes. Classic 60/40 rails, step-deck, tear drop concave and magic rocker makes for a ultra sensitive board for the surfer who wants to take their noseriding up a notch. Big ‘ol single fin only. Square, pin tail or diamond.

Da Mini

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Name:  Mini Noserider
Sizes: Up to 8’3”
Specs: Smaller versions of all the above models with the same dimensions or narrower. Very popular with the wahines. I like mine because I can lock it in the camper shell of my truck. Any fin configuration.