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Fun Boards / Eggs

Fun Board

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Name: Funboard
Sizes: 7’2” to 8’4”
Specs: What can I say. If you don’t want a longboard and still want to catch plenty of waves this is your board. Great for the entry level surfer and the everyday surfer alike.

Performance Egg

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Name: Performance Egg
Sizes: 6’0” to 7’0”
Specs: What an awesome design that is sadly left out of most surfers quiver. Narrower and thinner than a funboard, with aggressive rocker and bottom contours. This design can stand and deliver in all conditions! One of my all time favorite boards (fastest board ever) is a 6’7” Bonzer5 egg. When the surf is hollow and reeling, this board always seems to keep me a step ahead . The sky is the limit on this shape. Any fin configuration is available.

Custom orders are the only way to get the right board. Contact Ted for help designing what’s on your mind.