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Hybrid / Fish


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Name: ‘Ahi (Tuna)
Sizes: 5’2” to 7’2”
Specs: Like its namesake, lightning speed and fast direction changes is what customers have come to expect from this design. Great for small to medium wave performance, you can count on the pulled in double wing swallow to give you that extra hold in the juice. Any fin set-up works great. Double concave/vee combo.


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Name: Ulua
Sizes: 5'4" to 7'2"
Specs: The Ulua is quickly becoming a favorite here in Hawai'i. Overall wider than the 'Ahi, it can handle all conditions, excelling in waves lacking power. Super fast and responsive, the Ulua makes an otherwise mediocre session come alive! Tri-fin or quad setup.

Big Bruddah

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Name: Big Braddah
Sizes: 6’8” to 9’0”
Specs: This is what you want if you don’t want a funboard and don’t want a shortboard. Pleasing wide point forward outline. Double concave/vee combo. This design is very popular with my customers who learned to surf on 70’s style single fins. Great all around utility style design. Round pin,swallow, or squash.

Twin Fish

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Name: Twin Fish
Sizes: 5’4” to 6’8”
Specs: Retro style twin-fin fish with performance in mind. Generally 20” to 22” wide. All styles of classic resin color work available . Comes with True Ames glass-on keel fins(wood or fiberglass) or make it a winged swallow with quad set-up.